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HUNT DApps on Blockchain
Provide Gamified Lifestyle



Steemhunt is a daily ranking community for cool new products by tech early-adopters who can get crypto rewards for sharing the coolest/newest products and competing on a daily basis.

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Nomad Task is a on-demand task marketplace that can help you create marketing missions for your products, social channels, marketing content, app reviews, surveys, and much more.

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LOL Hunt

LOL Hunt is a daily top chart for funny Youtube clips. Anyone can simply share and upvote videos, and user data is stored privately via Blockstack blockchain.

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Neverlose.money is a lock-up smart contract HODL protocol on Ethereum that pays a bonus to the winners with the losers penalty, designed for long-term crypto investors.

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BNB Chain

Mint Club

Mint Club is a smart token building platform that has no need to code and provides instant liquidity. Anyone can launch a smart token with just a few simple clicks.

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Dixel Club

Dixel Club is the Shopify of NFTs. Anyone can launch an interesting pixel art NFT project with no-code and no complications.

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More DApps
will be added to the HUNT network.

HUNT Token
Shared currency among HUNT DApps

HUNT token is a ERC20 based cryptocurrency that works as the key currency for HUNT DApp users to empower their digital lifestyle. It can be directly used in each DApp or utilized as a vehicle token for different purposes.

HUNT DApp Token Prices

HUNT Token Circulating Supply

Burn Record Total Supply Changes
Q3 2022, fee-based revenue
$19,933.61 USD (55,349 HUNT) - TX: 0xd53c60
Q2 2022, fee-based revenue
$20,473.32 USD (47,690 HUNT) - TX: 0xd9c90d
Q1 2022, fee-based revenue
$30,728.88 USD (26,264 HUNT) - TX: 0x497939
Q4 2021, fee-based revenue
$55,087.89 USD (62,729.9 HUNT) - TX: 0x497939
Q3 2021, fee-based revenue
$26,975.57 USD (37,267 HUNT) - TX: 0xfa7776
Q2 2021, fee-based revenue
$30,620.59 USD (82,759 HUNT) - TX: 0x79279d
Team matching token swap from HUNT to MINT (Mint.club)
$616,572.63 USD (3,591,762 HUNT) - TX: 0xbf05e3
Community token swap from HUNT to MINT (Mint.club)
$1,233,145.28 USD (7,183,612 HUNT)
Q1 2021, fee-based revenue
$15,170.78 USD (31,989 HUNT) - TX: 0x6cc575
Q4 2020, fee-based revenue
$6,478.59 USD (96,994 HUNT) - TX: 0x02f309
Q3 2020, fee-based revenue
$6,123.47 USD (112,357 HUNT) - TX: 0x63d1f3
Team allocation and 2nd round funding
$9,129,100.00 USD (100,000,000 HUNT) - TX: 0x6b19e3
Q2 2020, fee-based revenue
$5,125.67 USD (1,868,664 HUNT) - TX: 0xde774b
End of ecosystem bounties
$433,523 USD (186,578,670 HUNT) - TX: 0x2b7d83
Q1 2020, fee-based revenue
$2,672.77 USD (1,311,205 HUNT) - TX: 0x142a1b

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