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Provide Gamified Lifestyle



Steemhunt is a daily ranking community for cool new products by tech early-adopters who can get crypto rewards for sharing the coolest/newest products and competing on a daily basis.

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Nomad Task is a on-demand task marketplace that can help you create marketing missions for your products, social channels, marketing content, app reviews, surveys, and much more.

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LOL Hunt

LOL Hunt is a daily top chart for funny Youtube clips. Anyone can simply share and upvote videos, and user data is stored privately via Blockstack blockchain.

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Neverlose.money is a lock-up smart contract HODL protocol on Ethereum that pays a bonus to the winners with the losers penalty, designed for long-term crypto investors.

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More DApps
will be added to the HUNT network.

HUNT Token
Shared currency among HUNT DApps

HUNT token is a ERC20 based cryptocurrency that works as the key currency for HUNT DApp users to empower their digital lifestyle. It can be directly used in each DApp or utilized as a vehicle token for different purposes.

HUNT Burning Mechanism

In order to promote HUNT utility and share revenue with HUNT token holders, all fee-based revenue that are not made via HUNT tokens on our DApps are converted to HUNT tokens, and they are burned every quarter.

Nomadtask Examples

10% fees from non-HUNT

Fiat and other crypto instruments
Convert to HUNT
Burning tokens quarterly

No fees from HUNT

Increases in HUNT instruments
Promoting token utility

HUNT Burning Status

Total Burnt
Current Total Supply
Initial Total Supply
Burn Record Total Supply Changes
Q1 2021, fee-based revenue
$15,170.78 USD (31,989 HUNT) - TX: 0x6cc575
Q4 2020, fee-based revenue
$6,478.59 USD (96,994 HUNT) - TX: 0x02f309
Q3 2020, fee-based revenue
$6,123.47 USD (112,357 HUNT) - TX: 0x63d1f3
Team allocation and 2nd round funding
$9,129,100.00 USD (100,000,000 HUNT) - TX: 0x6b19e3
Q2 2020, fee-based revenue
$5,125.67 USD (1,868,664 HUNT) - TX: 0xde774b
End of ecosystem bounties
$433,523 USD (186,578,670 HUNT) - TX: 0x2b7d83
Q1 2020, fee-based revenue
$2,672.77 USD (1,311,205 HUNT) - TX: 0x142a1b

Circulating Supply

The 90,000,000 HUNT tokens allocated for the business development fund have been vested daily for one year since March 1, 2021.
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Date Circulating Supply (estimated)
July 1, 2021 150,082,312
Auguest 1, 2021 157,726,148
September 1, 2021 165,369,984
October 1, 2021 172,767,244
November 1, 2021 180,411,079
December 1, 2021 187,808,340
January 1, 2022 195,452,175
February 1, 2022 203,096,011
1 Mar 2022 210,000,121

* Actual circulation supply will be smaller due to the quarterly token burnings

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